Sun Tea – Super Simple Iced Tea Recipe

It’s no secret. Our family loves iced tea. This tea is so easy to make I’m not even sure if I should call it a recipe.

All you do to make it is take a gallon jar (a clean pickle jar from Costco works great) and fill it with cool water. You can use 8 black tea bags but I like to add 6 black and 2 of something else. I’ve made it successfully with both green and herbal teas. They alter the flavor slightly and help to cut any bitterness.

I let mine sit all day in a sunny spot and like to leave it until the next day if I can. I find that 24 hours or so of soaking makes the best batch but even making it overnight works well. Cold brew tea is very forgiving.

If you’re a sweet tea drinker you might add simple syrup, plain sugar, or agave nectar. We mix ours half and half with Crystal Light lemonade for homemade sugar-free Arnie Palmers.

Iced tea’s not just for warm weather. It’s delicious any time!

To Market, To Market

We saw a realtor last week, the very same one who sold us our house all those years ago. Tick that off the to-do list.

Now I’m left with a mountain of clutter to send on its way. I’ve decided to stop my product sourcing for the time being so that I can focus on the products I have laying around my own home. My Amazon and Ebay Seller accounts are in good standing, no worries there. Now all that’s left is to go through the many boxes, sort everything, list, and ship the items. Then the fun of remodeling can begin.

That’s the thing about old homes. There’s always work to be done.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to building our new house by hand but I’m definitely ready to come back to this century. (Our current home is from the 1890’s.)

I’ll be posting more as time goes on, sharing updates on our Minnesota home along with the many steps and processes we’ll be taking to get to our new place in Alaska. There’s no land purchased yet, no plans (beyond the layouts & designs we’ve created ourselves), but everyday I feel us getting one step closer.

Despite the slow pace, I know it’s these little steps that will get us to where we’re going.