Sun Tea – Super Simple Iced Tea Recipe

It’s no secret. Our family loves iced tea. This tea is so easy to make I’m not even sure if I should call it a recipe.

All you do to make it is take a gallon jar (a clean pickle jar from Costco works great) and fill it with cool water. You can use 8 black tea bags but I like to add 6 black and 2 of something else. I’ve made it successfully with both green and herbal teas. They alter the flavor slightly and help to cut any bitterness.

I let mine sit all day in a sunny spot and like to leave it until the next day if I can. I find that 24 hours or so of soaking makes the best batch but even making it overnight works well. Cold brew tea is very forgiving.

If you’re a sweet tea drinker you might add simple syrup, plain sugar, or agave nectar. We mix ours half and half with Crystal Light lemonade for homemade sugar-free Arnie Palmers.

Iced tea’s not just for warm weather. It’s delicious any time!

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